Rack Electroplating

Customers needing rack plated services where plating specifications are complex and the finished product must meet very stringent testing guidelines rely on the electroplating services offered by Matthews Plating Company. Specially built racks for ID and OD area dimensions for plating are available, resulting in improved deposit distribution, part tolerance integrity on threads that are used to apply corrosion resistance, and high-tech conductive and solderable/bondable functionality.
Cost effective rack electroplating offer a tremendous level of protection and an attractive appearance.

Rack plating is a method that involves fixturing individual parts into an array that is mounted on a solid frame, called the plating rack. The plating rack serves the following purposes:
  • Holds the parts in a secure manner
  • Maintain electrical contact with and to pass DC current to the parts
  • Orient the parts appropriately in accordance with the thickness specifications, geometry, drain, gas expulsion, and quality control
  • Optimize throughput

Matthews Plating is equipped with all of the tooling required to create custom racks for your unique parts. Our staff is prepared to talk to you today about your next electroplating project, so give us a call.